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How to make your cleaning chemicals last longer

Get the most bang for your buck by ensuring your cleaning chemicals last as long as possible Handling your cleaning chemicals incorrectly is not only dangerous but money wasting. Read on for expert tips for extending the life of your cleaning chemicals. Dilute appropriately While some cleaning products come ready to use, many of them […]

Why Hydrogen Peroxide is great for cleaning

Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical that comes up a lot in the cleaning industry. What’s so great about it? This article explains the importance behind this essential cleaning chemical. How Hydrogen Peroxide works Hydrogen peroxide is an often included ingredient in cleaning products that disinfect surfaces. These are products that aim to destroy as many […]

The best temperature for washing laundry

This is the definitive guide on the best temperature for washing your laundry. The best temperature is actually highly variable. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the optimal temperature for washing laundry. The optimal temperature depends on a number of factors. Level of soiling With more heavily soiled garments, such […]

The definitive toilet cleaning guide

It’s everyone’s least favourite chore, but this definitive guide will help you make cleaning the toilet a breeze. What you’ll need: A clean toilet brush Rubber gloves (designated for toilet use only) Disinfectant Bleach Wipes, or paper towels Step 1: Prepare to clean Gather your tools and cleaners! Don those gloves. You may also want […]