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Myth Busting: ‘Chemical’ Cleaning

The term ‘chemical cleaning’ can stir negative connotations and often leads to concerns on the health and safety of end users – but are ‘all-natural’ solutions better, safer alternatives? ‘Chemical’ has come to mean something that is hazardous, unnatural and dangerous to one’s health. But, the exact dictionary definition of a chemical is actually described as ‘A […]

Hospitality Operators Confess To Wasting Money

Something we are often going on about is false economy through the use of cheap cleaning products. With operating margins internationally being squeezed to breaking point, operators are looking for absolute value from every dollar spent servicing and maintaining their businesses. So it’s no surprise to learn that professionals are attempting to shop smarter to make […]

Cleaning up our Oceans on a large scale

The brainchild of 21 year old Dutch entrepreneur (Boyan Slat), the Ocean Clean Up project,  is intended to clean up plastic from our world’s oceans – largely using the ocean’s own current. In June 2014, Boyan teamed with scientists and engineers to make his Ocean Clean Up project a reality.  In simple terms, the plan was […]

Food Act 2014 – An Update

The Food Act 2014 has now officially been in effect asof the 1st March 2016 last week. There was a press release by MPI to announce the occasion and in case you missed it, you can find it here. So what changes does it bring for everyone working in the food industry? For starters, it means that anyone starting […]